My work is about masculinity and femininity, the struggle, the differences, similarities, and anything that may have to do with the two sexes.I fight with the contrasts in the medium of photography: a photo is showing the reality and true as truth, but may also be a reference to fiction, a representation of reality. I search for the friction between fact and fiction.

Gender is the main subject of my work, but i’m also interested in sexual orientation and identity. Can I design my own identity and what is the role of masculinity and femininity in that perspective? What are the differences between man and woman? Are there differences? 

I answer this question in various areas. Do you create your own identity? How do you define gender? Does masculinity or femininity has someting to do with gender? How does androgynes looks like? To find answers i’ll manipulate the images. By manipulating the image I can show what is between fact and fiction. To capture, I’ll use my camera but with manipulation I’ll reach my goal, to show that nothing is what it seems. I create my images, play with reality, the facts are the heart and fills it with fiction. 

My fascination started as a child. Because I rather wanted to be a boy I asked questions about my own identity. 

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